One of my favorite coaches and you may advisor was Dr Frank Stranges, a genuine are of good love and you can white

One of my favorite coaches and you may advisor was Dr Frank Stranges, a genuine are of good love <a href=""></a> and you can white

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See Valiant Thor: Invitees out of Venus

He and i became very close in recent years just before he managed to move on to help you his award. The lunches and date together filled me personally that have deep expertise and you will love for the brand new staff away from Winner one that is actually frontrunner Val’s leading on earth.

Dr Frank told me where to go so you’re able to lake mead and you may I am aware where victor you to definitely consist. 7 days in advance of the guy passed away he told me Val said We is actually really in trace off Victor you to.

Here’s an article regarding Harley Byrd which have far information away from Dr Frank who fulfilled Val Thor within Pentagon. Dr Frank told me many fascinating reports in the his on going visits aboard winner one. He had their lifestyle threatened to your several days and you will is actually safe from the VAL plus the most other team people in the brand new emissaries out-of Venus.

Valiant Thor:

Inside middle-March, 1957, i acquired an urgent message about Alexandria Police Agencies. The content indicated that a couple of their on-duty police officers got obtained an enthusiastic alien that has landed specific fourteen miles southern away from Pentagon Boulevard, therefore the renter are transferred towards Pentagon to generally meet that have the new Under-secretary out-of Security and shuttled below ground in order to meet that have Chairman Eisenhower and you may Vice-president Richard Nixon. This new appointment live for nearly an hour and then, brand new alien guest are wear VIP position and try shuttled to the fresh Pentagon in which the guy spent the evening about Military reception office with the first floor close to the concourse. This alien’s name try Valiant Thor.

Val Thor landed inside Alexandria and you can had the Chairman to talk about the world’s problems and gives recommendations and you can the advice about how precisely to handle and eliminate them. The guy shown so you can Mr. Eisenhower that the industry was at a good precarious problem hence if your globe proceeded to just do it for the a combat ground they do result in a monetary instability across the globe. Val Thor resided on the planet up to March 16, 1960, immediately after which disembarked so you’re able to his house entire world Venus. The guy revealed that his battle of individuals existed and you will dwelled underground which certain planets regarding the universe experience life within same way. He together with mentioned new swells regarding aliens that would house to the nation to help with brand new Earth’s relatively insurmountable troubles. He stated that a team regarding a distant planetary program manage end up being arriving at promote help and analysis to assist the fresh Earth’s improvements.

Chief James oversaw this new appointment by way of official streams and you can claimed the newest obtaining and you may meeting of one’s “room emissary”, when he was labeled of the Service away from Shelter

When Frank Stranges talked so you can Val Thor he revealed the brand new individuals from Venus arrived and you will visited World many thousands of years back. Val explained it similar to this:

There have been period which demonstrated a challenge to help you the “observed” and also the “observer”. … It had been while in the 1945 that the Earth are surrounded by a hundred boats to cover the fresh fine surroundings hence surrounds they. A string nuclear reaction could easily keeps resulted by breakup of the parts of air. Planet has been destroyed thus creating many dilemmas , a-ripple feeling so to speak, on world.

At the same time, his exposure in the region got thrown visitors toward a problem. This new addition he held regarding the Large Council (away from Venus) alarmed them once the, regardless if perhaps not printed in any Earthly vocabulary, their thoughts received capacity to securely change the new inscribed content.