Bumblebee goby: one in 5g, dos into the 10g, just about dos, best in brackish h2o, provide stones and you can plants

Bumblebee goby: one in 5g, dos into the 10g, just about dos, best in brackish h2o, provide stones and you can plants

Environmentally friendly horror cichlid: 50 gallons+, 72-80? F, semi-competitive, exotic bottom, rock structures to own covering up, alive plant life – safe root, basically quiet however, grows more competitive because grows up

Sunshine peacock: 1 men + 2 girls from inside the one hundred gallons+ aquarium, 73-84? F, reasonable bulbs, 55 gallons for one cichlid, put stones over bush root

Convict cichlid: 68-80? F, 40 gallons+, semi-competitive, don’t remain with quick shy fish, plecos are fantastic tankmates, tough plant life which have stones layer origins (java fern, amazon swords, an such like.)

Yellow tiger motaguense cichlid: 68-84? F, 75 gallons for one, 125 for a couple of, an effective tankmates: gold bucks, tinfoil barbs, plecos, or other similar large fish

Dragon blood peacock: semi-competitive, 78-82? F, fifty gallons+, fine pebbles substrate, provide stones + caverns + tunnels + protection, only place robust herbs in tank

Red-top zebra: 75-79? F, at the least 4 ft a lot of time tank, sand 's the preferred substrate, ratio: step 1 men to 2 female, generally peaceful but can be aggressive towards the guys of their own form or brief shy fish

Wolf cichlid (parachromis dovii): 75-82? F, continue no more than you to wolf cichlid, competitive, usually consume quick bashful fish, 120 gallons+


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Salt and pepper cory: 10 gallons+, 72-79? F, quiet, 6+ cories bring flowers and you can driftwood, set up tank having solid most recent

Tan cory (eco-friendly cory): 10 gallons+, 72-78? F, silent, 6+ cories, offer vegetation and driftwood, put in tank which have strong current

AgassizI cory (spotted cory): 30 gallons+, 72-79? F, quiet, 6+ cories, offer herbs and you may driftwood, installed container which have strong latest

glowlight danio: 10 gallons+, 72-79? F, a good area seafood, 6+ danios, maybe not compatible with bala sharks and many most other catfish, step one men so you can dos females

Zebra danio: 10 gallons+, peaceful, 64-75 F, kept in short schools, keep with similar-size of seafood, render of a lot flowers and plenty of swimming area

Silver longfin danio: ten gallons+, silent, 64-75 F, kept in quick colleges, continue with the exact same-measurements of fish, provide of many plants and plenty of diving place

Corydoras melinI (not true bandit cory): fifteen gallons+, 73-79? F, quiet https://datingranking.net/es/wildbuddies-review/, 6+ cories, give vegetation and you may driftwood, setup container having strong most recent

Turquoise danio: ten gallons+, quiet, 73-77 F, kept in colleges (6+), keep with similar-measurements of fish, render of many flowers and plenty of swimming room

Zebra longfin danio: 10 gallons+, silent, 64-75 F, keep in small colleges, continue with similar-size of fish, provide many flowers and lots of swimming room

Leopard longfin danio: ten gallons+, silent, 64-75 F, kept in small universities, continue with similar-sized fish, render of several plants and lots of swimming place

African dwarf frog: ten gallons+, silent, 72-82? F, smooth substrate, stones + driftwood + plant life + hiding cities, will likely be kept singly or in teams, maintain an effective drinking water quality

Marbled goby: mud substrate, 72-82? F, recommended that remaining alone, territorial along with its very own form, tend to eat seafood short enough to easily fit into it is mouth area, may be leftover having very big fish

Gleaming gouramis: 3 fish+, 10 gallons+, 72-78? F, silent, render the ideal environment – flowers, rocks, driftwood, do not remain that have highest aggressive fish or it gets timid

Liquorice gourami: 20 gallons+, 74-82 F, quiet, finest in kinds just container however, fine for the people container in the event the not breeding

Kissing gourami: 30 gallons+, 72-82? F, semi-aggressive, stones + plants expected, vinyl plants be more effective, will get eat real vegetation, commonly clean back of tank

Dwarf gourami: 10 gallons+, 72-82 F, quiet, greatly planted that have floating vegetation, tank should be in the silent town, remain having peaceful bashful seafood

Pearl gourami: 31 gallons+, 75-86? F, silent, tank at the least 12 ins strong, provide drifting flowers (such as ferns), black substrate and you can dI’m lights, remain with silent seafood